A compilation of submissions to the GB Pixel Art Jam 2023 in a digital gallery that runs on Game Boy.

NOTE: A QR code can be found in the credits. When viewing on your Game Boy this will allow you to go to the submissions page of the Jam with your smart device, so you can read the pixel artists' comments about their work.

Made with GB Studio.


  • z = a button
  • x = b button
  • arrow keys = d-pad

Jam organized by Phil (Bad_Dad), who also provided the art for the menus and UI in the gallery

Coding by Emi Paternostro

Music by Tip Top Tom Cat

Special thanks to the GB Studio Central staff and the GB Studio Community.

Purchase a cart of this ROM at cost here.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorsGB Studio Central, Bad_Dad


PixelArtJam_2023.gb 1 MB
Version 1 Oct 24, 2023

Install instructions

Play on any emulator or load to a flash cart to play on hardware.


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It's so awesome to see how creative people draw such amazing drawings with those limitations!

Wow, looks incredible – so many beautiful contributions and presented in such a wonderful way! A great joy to be included! The only thing I am missing right now is the music promised in the credits! Easter egg?

It's the little jingle at the start :)

Oh yes, all right! I only turned on my stereo after I saw that mention in the credits and apparently never tried a complete restart of the ROM afterwards. Nice!

Btw, what’s with that very obvious alphabetical outlier in the Artist Index on page one – a single “N” amongst all the “A”s?!

His name is Anthony Wallace ;)

That’s surely an unconventional solution! :)

By the way, what is the state with the physical copies by now? I hope no e-mail announcement was swallowed by any spam folder before I could read it?! I defintiely want to order a cartridge!

I can't say exactly when, but insideGadgets has all they need to get it going, so it should be soon

So cool to see all the art on display, and to find my own submission among it! Thanks for the initiative, I had a blast.


Thank you GB Studio Central and Bad Dad. It was exciting to see my submission pop up in the slideshow!

Thanks for joining in, great fun.


It was a great experience for me. The rom is awesome. Thank you very much.


Me too, it is awesome isn’t it?


So surreal to see my work on a official GB studio central anything


Wow! I couldn't join this one, but I can't wait for the next!


So cool to see the community come together for a collaborative project. Let's do this more often, guys!


Fist bump

Fist bump x2


thanks for putting this together! so cool seeing so much art in one cart.

if it's not too much trouble, could the link for my art be changed from npckc.site to npckc.net? i very recently updated the url.


Will do with the bug fixes.

Updated :)


Awesome work, everyone! 😃

Thanks for making this GB Studio Central!

(1 edit) (+3)

I'm blown away by the talent of everyone involved. There's not a single work that doesn't belong in the gallery! The highest of fives to all artists


You’re totally correct. Many thanks.

Cool !

it's so cool! I love it, especially the startup sound.🤩

Unfortunately there's a bug, that makes the second picture in the slide show loop itself.

Could you describe the steps you took so I can try to reproduce/fix it?

Looks like I got it to trigger. I think I know what’s happening. Will try to solve it.



awesome thanks so much for putting this together! I’m sure it took a lot of work! 🤠


Such fantastic work everyone!!

Two bugs:

-Cehef moves to Agent3.8 if scrolling in gallery mode.

-Joel J. loop itself if move forwarding in gallery mode.

Sadly, I miss the chance to participate! I hope there is a second edition being planned already! :)

Thanks for the Headsup, I’ll try to get that solved ASAP



So cool!
Participating in jam felt great, and seeing my work included - Just so cool and inspiring!


Woohooooo!!! Thank you so much, GB Studio Central and Bad Dad, for putting this awesome gallery ROM together! I had a TON of fun taking part in the Jam, and the results of your work are STUNNING! Oh, and here's my pic running on a GBC. OG fashion. 😝

(1 edit) (+1)

It feels weird to see my art on a gameboy game but it's also really cool xd 

Just one small thing, there is a tipo on my twitter and it says foxertale instead of foxterale.

We’ll get that typo fixed.




That's great guys! The idea of having such a collection for GB Studio is great, phenomenal. Too bad I missed this. :( The graphics of 1-2 creators are extremely inspiring. Thanks to everyone and the organizers for the collection! I really liked it.

We’re sorry you missed it Raj, but it’s possible we’ll do it again!


Me thinks so.


Awesome 😎