On January 10th, 2024, Pixel Artist Brandon James Greer shared an homage to Pokémon Concierge delightfully rendered in the quintessential Game Boy style. In a collaboration between James and GBSCs own Emi Paternostro, this piece has been recreated to run on the Game Boy using GB Studio.

Download the .gb ROM to play on real hardware or an emulator of your choice, or enjoy in your web browser.

Thanks to James for the opportunity to collaborate. If you want to check out his art, head to his YouTube Channel or follow him on X.

Art by James Brandon Greer

Code by Emi Paternostro

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(4 total ratings)
AuthorGB Studio Central


PokemonConcierge.gb 512 kB

Install instructions

Download the .gb ROM to play on a Game Boy or emulate on compatible hardware.


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super nice!

Lovely 😍


Great work, nice animation.