This will hopefully be the worst game submitted to Game Boy Showdown 2023.

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This scared my wife lol 10/10 for that at least


#ArtCart for sure.

Love it! 

Unironically terrifying. Yes/10

This Jam is rigged I tell ya

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I think you've set the bar pretty high with this game, I don't know if this can be surpassed. :) It puts a friendly smile on my face and that's what really matters.

theme 10/10

will there be a leaderboard and/or achievements? in the middle of my first play through now, but really enjoying immersing myself in the world 11/10 🤘

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Cried at the end of my first playthrough. Smiled at the end of my second. Moral choice in its purest form. A masterpiece of art. 11/10, bound to be the best game submitted to Game Boy Showdown 2023.