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Finally had a chance to play with this. Really great stuff, and I totally Echo Max below, this should absolutely be merged in :)

Not only great work, but a great article to go with it! Really interested to dig into these changes and see which ones will make good additions to my own games. Thanks!!


Thanks so much. Appreciate the kind words. Have fun!

This is awesome. Should be in there by default. Have you thought about submitting it as a pull request?

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The GBS devs are aware of this mod. I think it's likely we will see it end up in vanilla GBS. The coyote time and jump buffer values would fit snuggly amongst the other platformer settings :)

very good news!

ey! platformer mode getting the love it desurvs, hope this gets implemented in vanilla build asp. most people using gbs isnt well versed in coding,, like me


And me haha. Thats why I dropped everything to write this article as soon as Byucknah had shared it on discord! Gotta get it to all the game designers that aren't great at code lol. I am certainly one of them!


This is just perfection!