This project was made to demonstrate the color differences between devices and software such as the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, emulators or other GBC-compatible consoles.

It contains two main tests: Color Scene, which features several elements such as a house, trees, water, sprites and also 100% SMPTE bars for pure colors, and SMPTE Bars, which, as the title suggests, contains three groups of SMPTE color bars, 100%, 75% and 50%.

It also has a Flashing RGB mode, which flashes red, green, blue and white in rapid succession. To exit this mode, turn off or reset the console.

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AuthorsGB Studio Central, SōdoDev


Color 128 kB

Install instructions

Download the ROM and flash to a cart to play on real hardware/open with an emulator. Intended for use with color-compatible devices and software.


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I’m amazed by that narrow font where you wrote Yellow and somehow made it readable